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Annotated Bibliography

This site is currently under construction. Humboldt State University students in Professor Cutcha Risling Baldy's Native American Studies 332 are creating an annotated bibliography related to the Gasquet-Orleans Road Supreme Court Case.  

For students in the course

G-O Annotated Bibliography Assignment:

This semester we will spend time working with the Special Collections Library at HSU to create an annotated bibliography that can be utilized as part of an online database that explores the Gasquet-Orleans Road Supreme Court Case.  On 9/4 we will be in the library and will learn how to work on finding these types of sources.  You will be responsible for finding (5) sources that we are not using in class that we can link to on the website.  These sources should include: videos, articles, interviews, podcasts or any other sources that mentions or discusses aspects of the G-O Road Case. You cannot repeat a source that has already been posted by a classmate.  We will be going over what you will need to include - but we are mainly focusing on online sources.  We will discuss this further in class.

Link to HSU Native American Studies Research Guide

Link to annotated bibliography submission form

Link to spreadsheet with your classmate's submissions so far